Cheerfulness pleases HimSharing with others pleases HimSacrifice pleases HimGiving up ego pleases HimSelflessness pleases HimAll beautiful things please HimHelping others pleases HimFlowers please HimHonesty pleases HimTruth pleases HimSimplicity pleases HimAn open heart pleases HimPatience pleases HimNot finding fault with others pleases HimUnconditional love pleases HimCaring for cows pleases HimCaring for Tulsi Plant (Holy Basil) pleases HimFeeding the poor and feeding His devotees pleases HimNon-violence (‘ahimsa’) pleases HimServing the Guru (Master) pleases HimWitnessing and accepting all the happenings in the world as His play pleases Him more than anything else.RADHE KRISHNARADHE RADHE.....
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  • hk is ths ur opion ur u have some reference to this ?any book prabhupad wrote?
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