4 friends had assembled together to discuss what inspires each to practice devotional life.  Out of the 4, one was a celibate monk, 2 others were householders living with their wives and one was although a married person but had lost his wife. So the discussion began.

1st friend: I decided not to enter into a family life so that I can devote my entire time for the Lord.   I do not have any material responsibility so each and every moment I try to spend in nurturing my spiritual life.

2nd friend: When my wife died I realized that how miserable and temporary this material world is. Only thing eternal in this world is our relationship with Krishna and so I conscientiously try to cultivate that relationship.

3rd friend: My wife has made my life hell so much so that I shudder at that of returning home. Krishna consciousness is the only solace for me and devotees association my only shelter.

4th friend: My wife is so nice that she has made our house a Vaikuntha. I feel the presence of Lord in the house and it motivates me to become dedicated in my spiritual pursuit.

4 friends had different material situations and circumstances but none gave excuses not to practice Krishna Consciousness but instead each gave reasons for being Krishna Conscious.

In spite of our material disposition and position we can practice spiritual life. A householder, a celibate, a rich, a poor, a man, a woman all can develop love for Krishna if they have the determination. Material circumstances may present multiple challenges but if we are determined to practice devotional life then no force in this world can stop us.

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