As the famous saying goes " Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder". So no doubt our conception of beauty may differ a lot from others. Nonetheless, it is a pleasure sharing with you my idea of beauty. Poets, writers authors all have been glorifying the beauty of this world since time immemorial. But i pity those who think that beauty is just skin deep. The most beautiful things in this world are felt more than they are seen. .Have you ever experienced the feeling of the morning dew on your face when you go out in the garden. Have you felt the warm glow in your heart when you see your beloved. What a feeling it is when your baby runs to you and gives you a tight hug. The feeling in the heart when you sacrifice something for the happiness of others. The feeling of pride when we hear the glorious stories of sacrifices by pure saintly souls to give us God consiousness. Now this is what is really beautiful. Something far far beyond the limitations of our senses.

        So for me beauty is not in just seeing but in feeling. We cannot see god but we can feel his love through his Beautiful Nature. Everything in nature is beautfiul . And whose nature is it? it is God's Nature. So just imagine how beautiful God must be? So all beautiful things that we see in this world is just a spark of the splendour of the Supreme Lord. So ultimately the most beautiful thing in this world is none other than the Lord who is the source of all beauty. Again His beauty is something which we can't see but we can always feel!

         Foolish people think that I want to see god only then i will believe. When you love someone anything belonging to that person reminds you of Him. similarly this beautiful nature that we see reminds us of the beauty of God. God is on the transcendental platform and our gross material senses cannot see Him. We should pray to the Lord and beg him to grant us the vision so that we can always see his beautiful form and eternally serve him in the Spiritual World.

Thank you,

Hare Krishna

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  • Hare Krishna!

    What a fabulous realization Mataji! Thanks for sharing...


    Your eternal servant,

    eternal muser

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