What are You doing to me Father???

It was one of very hot summer days; my dad was repairing the house and we stayed at home from kinder garden. And to stay at home was our great joy. I was nearly 5-6 and my brother younger than me for 2 years. He was very fearful and always was under my protection. Whenever dogs attack or other children he used cry and hide behind me.
That day whether was so hot that we were satisfied with only shorts. Brother and me went outside the yard to the street, holding each others hand. Suddenly I saw a white thing in the deep hole near the out gate.
- oh yes! Snow! Look snow!
I was sure that it was snow in that hole. We stood over of the hole and I told to my brother to jump on it.
- Plus, let's do it with opened eyes, so that we could see what is inside!
Seems he was more intelligent than me and told me to jump first and he will follow me. I said "ok" and
1! 2! 3! JUMPED!
As promised, did not closed my eyes and within a moment found myself lying in a deep white surface in the horizontal position. I just lie there as a fish on the Earth, not knowing what to do next.
By the time loud voices of neighbors, brother, then even father disturbed my ears. Somehow or other someone took me up and ran somewhere. It was my father who brought me to the water crane and started to wash my face with cold water – water just taken from underground. But I could not understand why he was eagerly, with loud voice and in emergency doing this.
- Dear daughter, open your eyes! Wide!
When I did so, he again washed them with cold water. It was painful. I did not understand, why my own beloved father doing so. I started to cry. He continued:
- My sweet, my darling! Open your eyes wide!
I could feel his strong hands catching me, which also was painful. When I opened my eyes I could see his face with smile but with smile made of just opening teeth, and seemed something also strange. I cried more. My mind cried:
- Oh Dad, you never used to be so cruel! What are doing now? Whole my 6 years of life You were so kind to me! But what happened to You now?
But he continued to do his job…
Something happened. Time stopped. Darkness.
And soft kiss of my mother to my eyes woke me up. I found myself in the lap of my mom. It was almost night and we were in the room. Then she told me that she will put medicine to my eyes and I have to keep my eyes closed.
Later when I grew up enough, I asked my father, at least what happened that day? He told me that I jumped into the chemical lime, which he used in repairing works, considering that as snow. Plus, I kept my eyes opened and he washed with cold water as quickly as possible in order that lime could not burn my eyes and make me fully blind. While washing, due to the pain I lost my consciousness. My mother left her job and arrived as soon as possible. They gave an anesthetic injection. For nearly 4-5 hours I slept. And within 4-5 days was fully healthy again.
In this way we think that this material world and wealth of this world are like snow in the scorching summer. We think that sense satisfactions somehow or other will cool our scorching heart. But on the place of cooling it that snow – lime burned me more. When my father washed it, the process was more painful.
Krishna and Guru says us that Krishna Consciousness is emergency. We have just open our eyes-hearts and give them to opportunity to purify it.
Difficulties will be there. To control senses is very tuft work. Kali Yuga's job is to sparkle with glamour and in this way gains its followers. But we have to be strong!
Strength comes when we are:
Humble than a blade of grass;
Tolerant than a tree;
Respect always everyone;
Not waiting for respect to ourselves;
To accept and practice Guru's and Krishna's instructions are very difficult, but if we do so, some day we will wake up in the Spiritual World and never ever to remember this horrible dream of material existence.
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    All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
  • nice write up! Haribol!

    vāsudeve bhagavati
    bhakti-yogaḥ prayojitaḥ
    janayaty āśu vairāgyaṁ
    jñānaṁ ca yad ahaitukam
    Devotional service automatically reveals actual knowledge of our material existence. One who is sufficiently intelligent immediately attains the stage of renunciation of so-called society, family and love as well as other things. As long as we are attached to society, family and love of the material world, there is no question of knowledge. Nor is there a question of devotional service. By directly taking to devotional service, however, one becomes filled with knowledge and renunciation. In this way one's life becomes successful.
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