Wet Cow Dung Laughs While Dry Dung Burns

The proud, successful materialist laughs to see how much better off he is than those who are suffering in destitute impoverished conditions. But he does not realize that his successful position is only temporary. He is briefly enjoying the result of his previous pious activities while engaging in all sinful nonsense. He does not realize that as soon as his pious karma is exhausted he will be dragged down by the stringent laws of nature into a pitiable condition. In this connection there a Bengali proverb as follows:

ghute pore gobar hase

"When the dry cow dung is burning in the fire, the wet cow dung laughs."

The materialistic person is laughing like wet cow dung. He does not realize that soon he will be dry and he will be tossed into the fire.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari

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  • This is so funny, and true. We should never laugh at anothers sorrow, for we could be facing the same fate tomorrow. Will try and remember that. Thanks for sharing.
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