Went For a Night Walk by Bhaktimarga Swami

Went for a night walk
Stepping through every block
With street lights lit
I passed by he and she
Appearing happy to be
Then saying that magic word
Sweeter than the best bird
In this chill of early spring
Warmth is slow to bring
And pedestrians are but few
Faces worn in a mood of blue
Why if you have all
Can't you pass a bright ball
Why the air of being down
Why the look with a frown
If you have the right spirit
The world is fine, don't fear it
But bankrupt are some
I'm passing a sign for CHUM
She with coffee in hand
He with skin so tanned
They smile an ocean's stretch
The furthest from the look of wretch
I dwelt on how good I am
To have guru and not spam
I savour in my fortune
While stepping every concrete portion
Went for a night walk
Stepping through every block.
May the Source be with you!
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