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  • I can simply pray.


  • there will be onslaughts of maya , we have to be very careful and should take due care, we must try hard from our side and as well as should pray to krishna to save us from the onslaughts, servant Balram Dulal das PUNE
  • May Krishna give them pure intelligence to understand the real purpose of life
  • O Krishna ! Please give them intelligence so they can understand what they r doing  ....& help the innocents
  • May krishna give them intelligence and right path, they don't know what they r doing.
  • This is kaliuga ,these things will not Misleaded us. Chant hare krishana and be happy
  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    May Krishna give them intelligence to discern right  from wrong..



  • Its a Request , Please Try to share this with all people not just devotees, as there are many new people everyday surfing our website of Bhaktivedanta Hospital......They should not get Misleaded

    Hare Krishna
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