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  • We r totally wrong sir.

    y r v comparing these terrorists with muslims?

    Terror has no religion? Y did v forget this?

  • hari hari........all said and done... spiritual life of these misguided people begins today....they have made a contact with pure devotees of lord...may be by mistake.......
  • Bhakti Vedanta followers have absolutely NO access to powers that be, be it in India or in the Middle East, to influence the decisions on struggles - legitimate or otherwise. Then, how is it justified for the so called agitators to resort to activities like hacking the web sites exclusively dedicated to spiritual elevation of human beings?
  • hk........... sarva karana karanam  as krsna is the cause of all causes may be krsna has some higher plans that we cannot see lets be enthusiastic .lets not  loose our hope  lets get more sincere in our efforts and then krsna wil accept our sincerity .... i pray to the all powerful lord for quickly reinstalling the site and to to give the ppl who did tis some intelligence that they can use this talent in the service of the lord   ............. haRI HARI BOL  
  •                                                                  HARE KRISHNA

    Suppose this is one way Lord Krishna is bringing more and more fallen souls towards Him.Their knowledge about the ABSOLUTE TRUTH is negligible, hence their approach is different. Eg. Kamsa, Pootana, Hiranya kashipu etc........Still they remember the LORD ALMIGHTY. Let Lord only save the situation.


  • Sarva Karanam Karam Krishna

    Jai Hari
  • Hari Hari I Think there death is near, they don't know with whom they have taken enmity, Well it is also Krishna arrangement.  krishna wants to be in contact with them, because he is there dear god as well.


    Krishna knows this, that his website is hacked. We only can wait and see what he will do? Hare Krishna.

  • I pray that devotees get the site properly installed back soon. Hare Krishna!
  • let  us make an army of hare krsna march band of harekrsna  chant hare krsna no dhoom no dhum  its an  rascal society  devotee is para dukha dukhi let everone be happy sarvha sukhino bhavanthu
  • I pray to Lord Narsimha dev for removing all the obstacles on the path of valuable seva that Bhaktivedanta hospital is offering to one and all.

    om namo bhagavate sri mahä-narsimhäya damsträ karälavadanäya ghora-rupäya vajra-nakhäya jvälä mäline mama vighnän paca paca mama bhayän bhindi bhindi mama shatrün vidrävaya vidrävaya mama sarva ristän prabhanjaya prabhanjaya chata chata, hana hana, chindi chindi mama sarva-bhistän puräya puräya mam raksha raksha hum phat svähä
    O Lord Nåsiàhadeva, whose form is terrible, by sharp and long teeth, very fearful to see with strong large nails, garlanded by flames—please destroy, destroy my obstacles, and please kick out, kick out my fear. Please scatter, scatter my enemies, please destroy my karma, flash flash, kill kill!! Cut cut! Ever fulfill all my desires to serve You. Please safeguard me, safeguard all around me!

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