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We are all HIJACKED !
Don’t most of us become fearful on hearing news about Flights being Hijacked by Terrorists ?
That’s because these terrorists are a bunch of Malicious People who are ‘Hell bent’ on not letting you reach your Intended Destination for which you boarded the flight , and who can cause you harm to any extent , even blowing the Aircraft Up , if their demands are not met .
Historically , The Only way such Hijack Attempts  have been successfully thwarted are by quietly sneaking in Sharp shooter Commandoes OR SNIPERS who have the ability to Shoot only at the Terrorists ( amidst all chaos ) , while protecting the civilian passengers .
The Higher Truths about our Own Self as revealed in all the Scriptures in all religions , is that we are not this external Body that we see everyday in the Mirror , but we are the Spiritual Spark Of life ,The SOUL , which is Part and Parcel of God . The Soul sees through the eyes , Hear through the Ears, tastes Through the tongue .
The Bhagvad Gita explains that the Living Entity is roaming in this material universe by riding on this biological machine called as a material body .
So our Body, especially the Human Body , is the aircraft that is capable of taking the Soul out of this material universe , to its Real destination , and that is the Spiritual World .
But having boarded this Flight, it has been Hijacked by Terrorists , which are none other than our Senses and Our mind . Under the Influence of the Illusionary energy of the Lord , These Terrorists are Hell Bent on not Letting the soul reach its intended destination after entering the aircraft of the Human Body .
Our Senses and Mind continuously keeps us distracted with unlimited desires and plans and hankerings . They make us struggle for many many things , and thus diverts our focus from the Real Purpose of Human Life, which is to Purify our Consciousness and Transcend this Material World .
Like Terrorists, the Mind and Senses are so malicious, that it can harm the Soul to any extent and even blow up the aircraft ( harm the body ) by repeatedly engaging in things that are not only detrimental to us spiritually, but also to our physical and mental health .
The Only way to escape this unfortunate situation for our real Self , the SOUL, is to let the SNIPERS of the Holy Names of the Lord , to sneak in through our ears, and let Them Attack the Out of Control Mind and the Senses, and eradicate the Negative side of it , without needing to eliminate them .
Even with Little Faith, if we Chant the Holy Names of the Lord, on a daily Basis  , per instructions given by the Spiritual Masters , We will allow the Commandoes of the Holy Names to Bring our ‘Nasty Side’ under Control , and in fact, rescue us from this Hijacking, and Let our Soul reach Its Intended Destination of the Spiritual Abode of our REAL Father and Mother .
On  a daily Basis , Please chant this Mantra “ Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare , Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare’ , on beads .
Chanting 108 times makes one Complete Round .
These 16 words are like the Team of the Best Commandos, especially tailored to tame the Terrorists of This Age .
The More we can dedicate some time for this ‘military operation ‘  daily , the more we perform the Clean up job .  Start by chanting 4 rounds daily , and aim to reach 16 rounds of the Attentive Chanting of  the Mahamantra on a Daily basis .
This spiritual practice will set your aircraft free of the Hijack, and Your Aircraft will Soar High and fast towards its Ultimate Destination !
Shankararanya Das

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Comment by Ankit Kumar katiyar on September 16, 2011 at 3:58pm
Hare Krishna Mata ji,
Thanks for sharing wonderful thoughts.Its true We are hijacked by mind and senses but few few people realize this and try to get free.
Comment by Malini Karuna Devi Dasi on June 30, 2011 at 11:11am
Beautiful post mataji. Thanks for sharing.

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