We all are a family.............

Jai Shree Krishna to all of my devotee friends.......

I want to share some lines from the Atharva Veda which embodies the true spirit of humanness expressed, not today, but four thousand years ago...............

We are the birds of the same nest,

We may wear different skins,

We may speak different  languages, 

We may believe in different religions,

We may belong to different cultures,

Yet we share the same home-Our Earth.

Born on the same planet,

Covered by same skies,

Gazing at the same stars,

Breathing the same air,

We must learn to happily progress together,

Or miserably perish together,

For man can live individually,

But can survive only collectively.

Hari Bol!!!

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  • thank u all!!
    Hare Krishna.........
  • Hare Krishna,

    Very nice explanation

  • hare krishna
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