Water is life.
The shortage of water gravely endangers the ecology of our planet. To address this impending threat exacerbated by climate change, the need for adaptation strategies, innovative and sustainable water management solutions are paramount.

Gokuldham, a unique and picturesque eco-village near Belgaum Karnataka, India, uses simple, effective and environmentally friendly methods of conserving and recharging ground water, that align with ecotheology.

Scaling up and replicating such projects could help address the water scarcity everywhere. It can boost agricultural productivity, rural livelihood, and provide numerous co-benefits for the communities, wildlife, and the ecosystem.

Spearheaded by His Holiness Bhakti Rasamrita Swami Maharaj, Gokuldham is an embodiment of the principle of simple living and high thinking, in harmony with nature, based on the vedic wisdom and spirituality, propagated by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

This official website provides all details.

  Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=112660

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