Walking is Observing by Bhaktimarga Swami


I walked in at least two residential areas of Cleveland. I saw more blue jays and squirrels than people. People! Where do they hide? Cars, homes, gyms and restaurants, I suppose. I thought everyone was missing each other because of a long covid threat? The yards to homes here are huge. They are green but empty. I don’t get it. How about children playing in the outdoors?

With Brae we put in an hour and twenty minutes, before and after our indoor event of kirtan, Gita (8.24) and prasadam. We spoke about death in our discussion, based on Chapter 8, which has some powerful verses to remember, regarding taking on a new body linked to your most intense thoughts. We also discussed about life in other spheres, where duration stretches to an astronomical length. The bottom line on life itself is subsequent death and then life thereafter.

Life! What is it really? A person can be active yet show little sign of a living force. We could see living force in the blue jays, squirrels, and also in the pumpkins. Their color seems to exude a kind of life; an intense orange. We stopped at one of those produce stands off the highway with Madhavananda and Paurnamasi. Indeed, their colour exceeds my robes in that intensity.

Finally, after discussion and walks it is concluded that death is inevitable and a destination becomes determined by our current actions. We are all playing out a role. Lights! Camera! Action!

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2021/10/sunday-october-10-2021.html

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