Visit to Newfoundland by Bhaktimarga Swami

I had the good fortune to get onto the East Coast Trail. It's rugged and rocky.  You have to watch your step.  There's a cold ocean next to you, way down.

Marshall and I had spent a brief time at Memorial U., in the food court.  It's astounding how many students are from India.  They favourably responded to our harmonium and mrdunga playing.  They are respectful and warm.  My advice to them is: "Don't sacrifice what you know spiritually over your studies.  Gain that balance."

I think it's appreciated.

Jan, Gordon and Susan took us to Quidi Vidi Village, always a favourite spot.  Both Jan and Susan stayed on with us for kirtan chanting at the corner of George and Water Streets.  Good response!  There's a constant flow of pedestrians.

Now the streets in St. John's are interesting.  They curve, go up and down, even sideways (so it seems).  It's a bit like San Francisco.  We were playing our instruments sitting or standing, on an angle.  Furthermore, next to us was a soapstone carver.  His device was blowing stone dust in the air which created a slippery dynamic on the sidewalks.  On top of that, his buddy sat puffing out clouds of marijuana.  You can imagine how we chanters felt—high and slippery.  It was a unique location, just across from "The Yellow Belly Brewery."

Sheeshan is just wonderful.   He usually goes out on the street solo, chanting fearlessly.  The whole town seem to know him.  He is a Mauritian.  It's a country no one has even heard of until they meet him.
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