Valuing Distance by Bhaktimarga Swami


Our virtual Thursday afternoon Gita sessions have been very stimulating for me and if I gauge properly, others on the call are also having a great time. After a sweet time in the park, pulling in the sun’s Vitamin D and working on the next poem, I sat myself comfortably to share this week’s verses from The Gita, 9:12, 13 and 14. We took special note of the subject: mahatma (mentioned in the 13th verse), and what the qualities of a “great soul” are. The first point I discussed was that a mahatma is not deluded and is enveloped in divine energy. What does that mean practically?

It literally means to disassociate with mundane-ness, with negative people, and to keep dearly to your heart all things spiritually favourable.

In a conversation I had over the phone in the evening, with a person in Montreal, we came to the conclusion that the nasty world that we live in is fraught with a pejorative spirit; that it is imperative to extricate oneself from hate and contempt. In the name of “freedom of speech” people can say anything, which may actually be harmful to the spirit.

To give an example, these days people are encouraged to keep a distance from the virus. Even for myself, I’m having to self-isolate due to the fact that on my recent visit to the dentist I was close to a Covid-positive person. So as of this evening, I’m staying physically safe and hoping for the best.


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