Dear Maharajas and Prabhus,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to our beloved Srila Prabhupada.

I am writing to inform you that our NEW Vaishnavas CARE website has been launched at In addition, please visit us at our new Facebook page at “Vaishnavas CARE.”(
We now offer the Devotees of Lord Krishna a PRIVATE Grief Support Group, the first of its kind in ISKCON, for anyone who is grieving the loss of a family member or friend. This loss can be either recent or from long ago. We serve to provide a warm and confidential platform in which you can express your feelings knowing you will not be judged or criticized in any way. We are pleased to offer this as a service to the Vaishnavas around the world.

Our newly developed website includes the latest Vaishnava News, Prayer Requests, and even a popular ONLINE HOSPICE COURSE so you can become a Caregiver in your community as well. Devotees worldwide continue to take this interactive course at their own pace and, when completed, have expressed their caregiver service to be quite rewarding.

We also offer the second edition of The Final Journey — Complete Hospice Care for the Departing Vaishnavas (Torchlight Publishing), a step-by-step guide that takes the reader from the diagnosis of a terminal illness through the patient’s care and follows through with the bereavement of those loved ones and friends left behind. This is all taught in a practical and Krishna consciousness manner. The Final Journey has received rave reviews. It has even become mandatory reading for the nursing staff at a Catholic inpatient hospice facility in California.

We look forward to serving you on our website at: and on our Facebook page at “Vaishnavas CARE.” Thank you very much.

Your servant,

Kamala Radha devi dasi

Administrative Assistant

Vaishnavas CARE


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