The Supreme Personality of Godhead descended in his Vaaman(The Dwarf) Avatar to restore back all the possessions to the demigods , which were held captive by the descendent of Prahlad Maharaj, King Bali.

When Lord Vaaman arrived at the place where King Bali was performing a yajna ,everyone was mesmerized by his appearance. King Bali's daughter Ratnamala who was also present there, felt a motherly affection towards Lord Vaaman and desired to breastfeed him.

As the Lord is all pervading he could read Ratnamala's mind and as a result of his unlimited mercy, he said " So be it " mentally.

But after Lord Vaaman took away all the possessions from King Bali, Ratnamala became furious seeing the insult of his father and desired now to kill the Lord.This time also Lord read her mind and said " So be it" mentally.

As a result of the two benedictions, Ratnamala returned as Putana in the Dwapar Yuga and both of her wishes were fulfilled - " Feeding the Lord and Trying to kill Lord".

- Garg Samhita

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  • Radhe radhe

  • Radhe radhe


                                         Its very nice story .HARIBOL

  • Riiiiilllyy!!!! Lord Krishna is riiiiillly verrryyy merciful!!!!! (Y)

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