Under The Sun by Bhaktimarga Swami

Artiome, my Russian friend for a number of years now, hosted me in his home at Isle Perrot.  It is a gorgeous spot just off the St. Lawrence River where it is particularly wide, and before its waters convert to the Lachine Rapids.  At 5:15 a.m., the sun was just perfect.  The morning sun is always life-giving.  It was in the early hours, at sunrise, that our guru, Prabhupada, took his momentous walks.
On intense summer days like these, one has to be careful of over-exposure to that afternoon sun.  And at the site of Day Two of the festival, I made sure to plop myself down on a chair, under one of the tents, for shade.

Choosing that spot proved smart at the book tent, as seekers came to browse and purchase literature, and a percentage of them would come to meet me.  In fact, the personnel looking after the books, often led customers over to me, saying, "Would you like to meet a monk–someone who lives by the book?"  And the answer was usually an enthusiastic: "Yes!"

The quality of people who came to this event were of a good calibre.  I met folks from all over: Montreal, Trois Rivieres, Toronto, Africa, Saskatchewan, all over.

The fact that people are looking for something more than what is currently going on in their lives, is an indication that life could be deeper in dimension. We hope that the afternoon experience under sun or shade was great for browsers and participants.
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