It has been my personal experience, observation and also experience and observation of many in ISKCON that


1)   followers of one Guru Maharaj does NOT encourage / like / wish talking / praising / glorifying of another Guru Maharaj,


2)   followers of one Guru Maharaj argues that my Guru Maharaj is Great, My ISKCON Temple is Great, Our Preaching is Right, etc., etc.


3)   strangely, in some temples, they do NOT permit to sell the books written by other Guru Maharajs – what a sympathetic situation and progression of those temple management in Krishna Consciousness and their wisdom in Krishna Consciousness is…………


4)   as people living in one particular State / Country has to pay TAXES to that particular State / Country only, similarly, that Rule is also being insisted in ISKCON temples that devotees have to give their contributions / donations only to those temples, in which city the devotees are living and visiting the temples.


5)   Painfully, there are also restrictions that from whom Counseling to be taken, from whom initiation to be taken, etc.


One should understand that ISKCON / Krishna Consciousness is like an UMBRELLA, like a bicycle TYRE, where there are different spokes and each and every spoke is very important and is having its own importance & role.   If either of the spoke is damaged or misaligned, the whole umbrella or the tyre would be out of use. 

Though, spokes are many and are in different directions, but they all are contributing to a common goal / activity i.e., umbrella –protecting form heat and rain and tyre making the vehicle to run. 

Similarly, the followers of various Guru Maharajs should realize the above and should develop good harmony amongst all the devotees and should realize that though Guru Maharajs are many, but their activity & goal is one i.e., to PREACH Krishna Consciousness & make all devotees and non-devotees to REACH the Supreme Personality of Godhead – Krishna.


Whenever and wherever there is disunity, difference of opinion, dissatisfaction, dislike, disharmony, hatred, one cannot progress in spiritual life and for that matter, in any walks of life.


Hare Krishna

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  • I too felt the same thing. Thanks for bringing up this point


  • very nice thought..

    hari bol

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