Two Winners by Bhaktimarga Swami


The smaller communities we have established in recent years are all doing well in terms of governance, attendance and participation. Financially things are also doing all right. Even during the pandemic, none of our places of education and spiritual wellness suffered in a major way. At least not in “Zone One” of North America, which I am responsible for. This is, by the way, the krpa of God — mercy from the Universe.

Two such centres were on my visiting list today – Scarborough and Milton. Scarborough is a place I love to visit for the warmth of the community. Whenever I attend a function there, usually on a Sunday for delivering a class, I get such a welcome. At the time of prasadam, blessed food, I get treated with a mixed berry juice which exceeds the power of a Booster Juice product. There is also an exceptional soup made by Dhira Nitai, one of the staff. It’s to die for.

Naturally I highlighted the message of reverence to the Goddess, Radharani, and this was repeated in another location, Milton. The group of devotees who manage this place are phenomenal because in just five years they built up a community by meeting regularly in a church basement.  Now they secured the second floor of a new building near downtown. Kudos to this group of devoted folks. It is comprised of mostly younger families that put an emphasis on education for the children. I would say that spiritual wisdom is superior to mundane knowledge, although both are essential.


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