Trees by Bhaktimarga Swami

What hugs the soil and keeps it in place
Teaches tolerance especially at the base
Provides us company when down and lonely
Is a true member of the earthly family?
What cuts the wind when all is tossed in the air
Which resembles a turbulent mind enough to scare
What emits a sweet sent at dusk and at dawn
And has sap flow at winter’s end when spring is on?
What gives warmth in cold in coolness in the heat
And what eats and drinks by their very own feet
Give shelter with shade at a blazing sun’s prime
What will never let you down in the worst of time?
What stretches up to touch a gorgeous guy
And what is home for the species that fly
What provides rest and a place of refuge
For feathered and furry friends during this deluge?
What dances in breezes in awesome rhythm
Makes music of creaks, moans and psithurism
What can cause a surge of adrenaline
Contains fire and hydrogen and oxygen?
What are the soft hairs jutting out of the universe
Yielding healing properties like nature’s nurse
What requires our stewardship and service
A chance for their well-deserved catharsis?
I can tell you what saved my life multiple times
Their arms reached out to mine on a steep climb
More than once I took to a slippery slope
When there seemed to be so little hope
Trees (Part-Two)
Some are alive
Some are dead
Some are green
Some are red
Some bear fruit
Some bear nuts
Most have wood
For the very own guts
Some have needles
Some have leaves
Know it for certain
They’re here to please
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  • Jaya, his Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupoda! Good morning Swamiji, I always enjoy reading your posts. When younger I planted trees professionaly in the NW USA when doing reforestation work. They hold a special heartfelt place in me. The trees in my treebag were in my care to be planted properly for their good growth. Holding eaches roots in my fingers tips I would send it into the hole I just made with my hoedad, feeing the roots straight dangling in it, I would push the dirt into the tree holding it straight in place, then stamp it solid with my foot while holding the tree tip. Already spotting where to plant the next tree I move 8-6 ft. away, and all day long up and down thru the mountains I would go planting these beautiful babies. At an average of 400 trees a day, I must have planted 240,000 trees during all the seasons I did this work. Thanks for the poem, it was great! And I had just read the story of Nalakuvara and Manigriva from the 10th canto again. Have a good day, Hare Krishna, Bhakta Bill, New Vrindavana
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