Transcendental Words By Azhwars ( Vaishnavas )


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                   Though this post , I would like to share some Transcendental works of the great Azhwars of South India . These works tell us about the Lord's pastimes , His glories and also Glorify the Vaishnava Saints . They also tell us about  the result of association of devotees. These are very soothing to listen and bring peace . 

                      I am attaching the links to videos which are on youtube . I have not uploaded them , but these are aldready shared by some Vaishnavas . They are recited in exceedingly sweet Tamil language , but translations are also provided so that all may understand .  

                     These are sung by faultless Vaishnavas adopting the mood of other great devotees. 



1)  Vennai alaindha :      This pasuram ( Recitation ) is about Mother Yashoda bathing the lord. It also tells us about the lord's mischievious behaviour . 

                                              This is the link :         


2.)  Aanirai Meikka :      This   recitaion is about  adorning  the lord with flowers . 

                                               This is the link 


3.) Kaapidal :                 This recitation is about warding off the evil eye on the lord /. ( another pastime ) . 

                                               This is the link


4.) SUzh Visumbu :         This recitation tells us about the glory of Madhava's devotee. ( Sriman Nammazhvar's devotion pleases lord Narayan) . This  also hints about                                                 journey to  Vaikuntha . This recitation   tells   us about how Vaishnavaas are the real crown of the world .

                                              This is the link


5.) Muniye Nanmugane :      The previous recitation is about The jeevatma's journey to Vaikuntham . But The lord just hinted Sriman Nammazhvar abouth the jeevatma's journey .                                              While Sriman Nammazhvar was enjoying the blissful relevation , he suddenly felt his body . Thus , this recitaion is about Sriman Nammazhvar                                                          obtaining the Spiritual world .

                                                   This is the link :


6.) Ulagamunda Peruvaya :    This recitation is in praise of Sri Venkatraman of Tirumala .

                                                   This is the link :


7.) Aravamudhe Adiyen :  These are the praises of the lord Sarangapani of Kumbakonam . 

                                             This is the link


8.) Uyarvara Uyarnalam :    Description about the lord . 

                                                  This is the link :

                                                   This is the meaning :


9.)  Kangulum Pagalum :              Recitation shows desciptions of Nayaki Bhava 

                                                  This is the link :


10.) Nedumarkadimai :    Description of glory of being devotee of devotee of lord.

                                                   This is the link :


11.) Maalai Naani :  Description of glorious attributes of The lord of Tirukannapuram . 

                                                    This is the link :


12.)  Kilaroli Illamai :  Description of glories of Sri kazhazhagar of Madurai . 


                                     Meaning link


13.) Ozhivil Kalam :   In these 10 verses, Nammazhwar is yearning for eternal service to Lord Venkateswara of Tirumala. He is describing His glorious attributes/merits/virtues                                            and     asking Him for eternal service. 



14.) Onrum Devum : Describing the original lord of Tirukurugoor and strongly siuggesting others to surrender to him , and give up worshipping all other demigods. 



15.) Kanninum Siruthambu :    Recitation of glory of devotee of lord . ( Sri Azhwar of Kurugoor ) . Very pleasing to ear ( Glories of devotees are always pleasing , so is the lord;'s glory )

                                      Link :


16 . ) Amalanadhipiran :   I have no words to describe . 


                                      Another Version


As your servant , I have done a very lazy job . There are about 4000 RECITATIONS.

There might have been mistakes WHILE I typed. I may have missed many details . I mean no offense to the works of the Azhwars and the devotees gathered here . I wanted to post this for a long time , but Today This job was done ...


Please Share this with other devotees so that they may also listen . I pray to the lord. 


Regards . 


Source : Youtube and Google.



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