Tough is sweet by Bhaktimarga Swami


It was tough for a second night in the bus, and not due to intense night heat in sharing space with thirty other people. An additional AC unit was installed. It was the irregular driving from the detours on Hwy. 90 in New York that caused many turns on secondary roads that made the ride somewhat uncomfortable. We were heading north to Quebec where it is a bit cooler. Hoping those notorious fires from Canada were subsiding.

I'm relatively happy despite inconveniences. I have all these younger folks with me, average age 17 to 26, except for the drivers. I'm made to feel at times like them – energetic. And at other times, being a bit slower than them, I'm made to feel older, because I am. Overall, they are a sweet bunch, rather innocent, and have a fairly good spiritual background.

By about 8:30 AM we arrived at the Quebec border at a tiny place called Ste. Bernard such and such. It is a Sleepy Hollow, very laid back. Once officers noticed us (and indeed we phoned ahead letting them know a church bus was coming), They went through their formalities by observing our passports and our bus. All was fine. They did remark how ‘unique’ (of course, that’s a French word) our vehicle was with a four-tier bunk bed system, shower, toilet, and kitchen.

It was nice to be back in home country. Our crew then began to buckle down on drama practice. This service is also a bit tough, not for lack of talent, but nature's summer heat is on. But I have got my troopers and that's what makes the difference. The bhakti is there.


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