Top Preachers and Centers in the World, 2015

On the 3rd of March 2015, the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry gave awards to devotees from all around the globe, who have done an outstanding service in the area of congregational preaching.

In the award ceremony, there were three types of awards given: Award, Merit and Recognition.

The award winners are as follows:

  1. Aravinda Krsna and Yamuneswari (UK)
    - for the tremendous Congregation Development work they have done all over the UK and their outstanding book distribution
  2. Surananda Gaura and Geetha (Bangalore)
     - for their inspiration of so many devotees in difficult circumstances
  3. Anantha Vallabha Das and Vaishnavi
     - for their inspiringly innovative and wide reaching approach to preaching
  4. Hari Mohan das and Krishna Mayi dd (Phoenix/Mauritius)
     - for their wonderful service in preparing the Sunday feasts.
  5. Madan Mohan Govinda (UK)
     - for the tremendous Congregation Development work they have done all over the UK and their outstanding book distribution
  6. Jalangi dd (Czech)
     - for her outstanding and highly valued contributions to many citizens of the Czech Republic
  7. Gaur Gopal das bramhacari (Chowpatty)
     - for his amazingly wide range of contributions and phenomenal service to Congregational Development
  8. Subandha das (Krasnoyarsk/Russia)
     - for his tireless support of education and preaching programs
  9. Krsna Kesava das and Ananga Lata (Vladivostok/Russia)
     - for their immeasurable service in building the most beautiful temple in Russia
  10. Shatrughna das and Bhava Bhakti dd (Phoenix/Mauritius)
     - for their continuing dedication in running Nama Hatta programs over a prolonged period
  11. Prahlada das and Visakha dd (Phoenix/Mauritius)
     - for their unstinting preaching activities over several years
  12. Nitya Kisori (Phoenix/Mauritius)
     - for her many years of inspired and successful preaching
  13. Rasika Sindu (Phoenix/Mauritius)
     - for his contributions to Harinam and congregational preaching
  14. Manorama and Jaya Sri Radhe (USA)
     - for their inspiration in establishing The Youth Ministry



We had over thirty-five devotees receiving Merits and over twenty devotees receiving Recognitions for their outstanding achievements in different areas of service all around the world.

In addition, we had a grand total of 31 scores sent in from different temples worldwide, for Cumulative congregational results for 528 Gaurabda (2015).
The top five scores in the world are as follows:

  • 1st - Mayapur, India
  • 2nd – Chowpatty, Mumbai
  • 3rd – Bangalore, India
  • 4th - Mathuradesh, Middle East
  • 5th - Bangkok, Thailand


If you would also like to submit the scores for your area for this year, please be sure to let us know at cdm@pamho.net . We encourage all temples to send in their scores for their area, as it will encourage and inspire everyone to do the same, and allow us to witness the growth of Mahaprabhu’s mission. 

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