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HH Sivarama Maharaja in a lecture:

Will you make Krishna smile today on April 16th, 2009

Srila Prabhupapda in morning walk said that the Vrajabasis were not scholars, they did not study sastras, he emphaises that they just wanted to see Krishna smile. Whole lives were making Krishna smile therefore they were greater than jnanis scholars.They already achieved perfection.

if you do all penances, sacrifices and cannot please Krishna: srama eva hi kevalam" waste of time
Maharaja describes as beautiful verses which are tongue twisters:

Närada Païcarätra):
ärädhito yadi haris tapasä tatah kim
narädhito yadi haris tapasä tatah kim
antar bahir yadi haris tapasä tatah kim
näntar bahir yadi haris tapasä tatah kim
"If one is worshiping Lord Hari, what is the use of performing extraneous penances? And if one is not worshiping Lord Hari, no such penances will save one. If one can understand that Lord Hari is all-pervading, within and without, what is the need of performing penances? And if one is not able to understand that Hari is all-pervading, all his penances are useless." A Vaishnava is always absorbed in executing his devotional service to Krsna. If a devotee becomes falsely proud of executing severe penances and austerities and meditates on accepting and rejecting material objects instead of thinking of his service to Krsna, his so-called austerities become an impediment to devotional service.

samäsritä ye pada-pallava-plavam
mahat-padam punya-yaso muräreh
bhavämbudhir vatsa-padam param padam
padam padam yad vipadäm na tesäm
For those who have accepted the boat of the lotus feet of the Lord, who is the shelter of the cosmic manifestation and is famous as Muräri, the enemy of the Mura demon, the ocean of the material world is like the water contained in a calf's hoof-print. Their goal is param padam, Vaikuntha, the place where there are no material miseries, not the place where there is danger at every step.

Maharaj was in Dallas when Srila Prabhupada quoted the above verse.Srila Prabhupada was in bliss tasting the verses of Srimad Bhagavatam

SBG 1.2.28
väsudeva-parä vedä
väsudeva-parä makhäh
väsudeva-parä yogä
väsudeva-paräh kriyäh
väsudeva-param jnänam
väsudeva-param tapah
väsudeva-paro dharmo
väsudeva-parä gatih

In the revealed scriptures, the ultimate object of knowledge is Sri Krsna, the Personality of Godhead. The purpose of performing sacrifice is to please Him. Yoga is for realizing Him. All fruitive activities are ultimately rewarded by Him only. He is supreme knowledge, and all severe austerities are performed to know Him. Religion [dharma] is rendering loving service unto Him. He is the supreme goal of life.

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