To Hear or Not to Hear by Bhaktimarga Swami

8432175453?profile=RESIZE_400xI called my sister, Rose Ann, whose husband passed away from cancer. “Jim was a fine man,” I told her, “therefore he is fine,” implying that his destination was a good one according to the laws of karma. I was impressed with the way my sister was listening. Words of comfort and assurance are what she really needed to hear.

Another sister, Pauline, had joined in on the call over speakerphone, as she had come to visit and spend some time with Rose Ann to console her. She was keen to listen, as well, to a message from her swami brother, of being aware of the greater dimension in life — God. I said it plainly. “God! Because family and friends will all be gone leaving us only with the Great Overseer. What is there without this great vision in life?”

They seemed pacified. I am also calmed to be able to contribute to someone I care for. In that regard I received an email message from a person who questioned my motive in visiting a criminal in prison, who was guilty of murdering his brother. He asked me why I don’t do something for a victim, himself.

My response to him is that in the role in society is to display empathy to as many as possible. “I will be glad to be your friend, as a listener, and to the difficulty you go through.” It is not my intention to rule out anyone unless they are just nonsense.

Just before taking that gorgeous walk with Billy, on his birthday, I received a call from a prankster who wanted some personal information. To such an individual I give no audience. I am curt. “Shame on you! You coward!” Some folks are simply not aware of karma. They deserve no empathy. I hung up.


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