Till Death Do Us Part. And Then?

I've been seeing a lot in the news about the debate over gay marriage, but this article won't be about gay marriage. It will be about what gay marriage represents: the idea that we can be happy by making an arrangement in the material world.

People fighting for causes, right or wrong, are trying to make an arrangement to be happy until death, but however long we may enjoy our triumph before we die, we will have much longer to live afterward.

If our cause cannot help us go beyond death, then whatever we gain will be of small value.

We look at our present life as if it were spread out over eternity, but it's not. We all have to die, and an intelligent person will try to make an arrangement for what lies ahead forever, not just for a few short years.

We should first study Bhagavad-gita to learn what eternal life is, what the soul is, and what the body is. If we have eternal knowledge as our weapon, then we can fight for the best cause of all.

H H Umapati Swami

August 3, 2006
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