Throw Your Microwave Oven Now

Throw Your Microwave Oven Now

Everyone uses microwave ovens to heat and cook food, especially in the western countries. The microwave oven has become a "must have" kitchen tool. Nearly all the scientists have officially stated that there is absolutely nothing wrong in using microwave ovens. Everyone has accepted the Scientists opinion that microwave ovens are safe.
One day the World will wake up to the fact that microwave oven use does cause cancer, far worse than cigarettes or meat.
Today, there are a small number of people in the world who firmly believe that Microwave ovens will cause cancer and bodily deformations to newborn babies. A hundred years ago, cancer was extremely rare. Today, Millions of people die every year and millions are suffering from cancer. Despite these statistics, the majority of people simply go on ignoring the facts.
Scientists Are Fools
Around the 1930s and beyond, the doctors used to officially state that there is absolutely nothing wrong with smoking. Today, smoking is banned in every public place. Smoking causes cancer, this is accepted by all.
Until the early 1980s, the doctors used to officially state that eating meat is absolutely necessary for the development of the human body. Recently, after many years of scientific research, some doctors have stated that eating meat can seriously damage your health. Many scientific studies have concluded that meat eaters are much more likely to suffer from cancer, heart disease, and other health disorders than vegetarians.
In the late 1970s, sex with multiple partners was seen as healthy in the western countries. The western media was portraying illicit sex as natural and healthy. Today, millions of humans are dying from AIDS, which is caused by humans behaving like the dogs on the street. The scientists foolishly think that by wearing condoms will stop AIDS. They cannot see that stopping illicit sex (not behaving like dogs on the street) is the only way to stop AIDS.
Statements from Scientific Researchers on Microwave Oven Use
“The American National Council For Radiation Protection announced at the end of the 80s that children of mothers exposed to using microwave ovens were found to have increased rate of malformations.”
“In the 90s a hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota distributed pamphlets warning people against using microwave ovens to heat infant milk formulas, because the microwaves altered the food.”
“A group of scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine, CA, reported that “Microwaved milk led to a significant loss of its immunological properties.”
“The anthroposophist A. Bohmert reported the following discovery: Water was heated in a microwave oven and other conventional methods and then left to cool. Grains were then watered using these samples. The grains which received the microwaved water, did not germinate.”
“The Swiss biologists Dr H.U. Hertel together with Prof. Bernard Blanc proved that food which had been cooked in a microwave oven caused significant changes in the blood immediately after incorporation. These changes, some of which could be called highly significant, indicated the beginning of a pathological process, e.g. the beginning of cancer (1992).”

What Does the Bhagavad-Gita Say About Food?

“Food prepared more than three hours before being eaten, food that is tasteless, decomposed and putrid, and food consisting of remnants and untouchable things is dear to those in the mode of darkness." (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 17.9) Most people eat food that was prepared several hours before and in some cases weeks. Freezing cooked food for many days, weeks, and even months then heating in a microwave before consuming is seen as completely normal and healthy to many in the western countries. This is called ignorance; these people are in the mode of darkness as stated by Lord Krishna above.
Food that has been cooked in a microwave oven is tasteless compared to food that has been cooked on a wood fire. By cooking or heating food in a microwave oven is acting in the mode of ignorance as stated by Lord Krishna above.
You may not agree with these statements as your taste senses have been so degraded with prolonged use of microwave ovens. What may taste as fresh and delicious to you is actually putrid and untouchable to those who have only eaten food cooked within three hours on a wood fire.
What Should you Do with your Microwave oven?
Toss it in the Garbage, now. Don’t sell it, if you sell then you will be responsible for the cancer that the buyer will develop.

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