Three "stages" of chanting

Three "stages" of chanting

1.Nama-aparadha : Offensive chanting of the holy name, or chanting of the holy name which is subject to the ten kinds of nama-aparadha.

2.Namabhasa : The stage of chanting in which one is becoming cleared of sins and offenses but has not yet attained pure chanting. By serving the spiritual master with full attention while chanting namabhasa, one gradually rises to the platform of suddha-nama...

3.suddha-nama : This is the pure stage of chanting where Krsna fully reveals Himself. A devotee who chants suddha-nama observes Krsna appearing personally on his tongue. As an effect of this chanting, he is bestowed pure love of God. Suddha-nama can be achieved by taking nama with a favorable attitude, while remaining free from all material desire, and from coverings of jnana, karma and so on. One will not receive suddha-nama as long as he still desires the fruits of performing jnana, karma, yoga and so on.
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