It struck me like a culture-shock, as I looked out the arched window of Prabhupada's quarters, viewing the damp coolish weather outside.  I have just come back from Mauritius where everyone says it's been intensely hot for the summer.  Now that summer is behind us, it's still hot—at least for me.
I could just go out in proper wear, and bear the rain, but reason says, "Sometimes you just have to take it easy."  So that's what I did.  My mind wandered to two years ago.  In May, I set out with two good brahmachari monks—one was a French-Canadian, Hayagriva, and the other from Nova Scotia, Marshall—for America's mid-west; Lincoln, Nebraska, to be exact, to complete the U.S. walk.

The mornings were cool, often cloud-destined.  There were threats of hurricanes, and I remember Marshall, especially, looking forward to seeing and feeling that humbling experience if one ever occurred.  Once we entered western Nebraska it was drier and more desert-like—also new for the three of us.  Prior to that we had gone through torrential rains which just stopped us from any physical movement.
Yes, how weather does influence us!
I was indoor bound today, catching up on things which needed attention.  I was happy to see the bath-tub/shower I use was finally draining properly.  There's nothing worse than clogged up plumbing.  It's like having a barrage of negative thoughts entering into the mind, huddling together, up to no good.  Flow, a good one, is necessary, if the mind is at all to be a friend.
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