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In this material life there is a fire always. Bhava-maha-davagni. Davagni means the forest fire, the fire in the forest. Nobody goes to set fire in the forest, nobody has got any business to do that. But still, there is fire. It takes place. Everyone knows. Automatically, by the collision of dry branches of bamboo and others there is electricity and dry leaves that set fire, in this way, a big fire. So similarly, in this material world nobody wants that there may be fire and we all burn. No, nobody wants. But it happens. There is another Bengali song like that. Sukhera lagiya ei ghare bandhinu agune puriya gelun(?): "I constructed this house to live very happily. Unfortunately, there was set fire. Fire was set and everything finished." So this is material world. We should always know.


BY H.D.G. Srila Prabhupada

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  • sansara davanala!!!! so beautifully put acrosss!!!!


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