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  • thank u very much for ur wise reply, prabhuji, hare krishna
  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna.......Nice question prabhu

    It is the problem with most of the people in this material word.The Lord says that the
    purpose of all Vedic instruction is to achieve the highest goal of life, back
    to Godhead., "One who is actually in knowledge, that knowledge is achieved after many, many births, not all of a sudden" , So we have to continue all our efforts in KC.

    By continuous preaching only it'll come into practice also one day.

  • prabhuji, hare sincere question in search of sincere answer.....r v really able to practice what v r preaching? this is the question that i always put to myself and most of the times, the answer is no.  only to prove ourselves outwardly that v r great vaishnavas, wearing kanti-mala, tilak, v r feeling great and preaching others, but most of the times, i personally failed following / possessing at least few of the 26 vaishanava qualities. i am just like spire cobing the web, wind like maya, destroying the web, again cobing web, life going on..... i feel spreading krishna consciousness is to be 100% by our behaviour, so that people get inspired for change to krishna consciousness.....sorry, if at all my words / feelings hurt u. hare krishna....
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