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So there is a version by Krsna that one who is anxious to take Krsna consciousness, but he is entrapped by this binding -- nice wife, nice children, nice home, nice bank balance -- so Krsna, in order to give them, give such devotee, facility, He takes away. Just like he did with the Pandavas. The Pandavas were devotees, but at the same time, they were king. There was attachment. So therefore Krsna took away their everything -- their kingdom, their wife, their position, their honor -- test him, and still, they did not give up Krsna. Therefore they came out victorious. So Krsna sometimes tests His..., that how much one devotee is. He forcibly makes him renounced in order. That is Krsna's special favor.


By H.D.G. Srila  Prabhupada


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  • Hari Bol,

    These words are soothing to my soul. I recently lost the worldly things- I now see it as special favor. Thank you for the message.

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