this pome is so happy making I wanted to share it!

May your eyes be blessedwith sweet tears of longingfor the beloved of your heart,Sri Sri Radha and Krishna,for such tears cure the “mistaken outlook”and make the bitter tears of misery disappear.May your vision be blessedwith calming glances of compassionas you see the many souls all aroundsuffering in the heat of their silent sufferings,for by thinking about the true welfare of others,your own problems will automatically leave youand you will prosper and blossom.May your mind be blessedby the divine touch of the Lord’s presenceso that you gain the strengthto turn your challenges into opportunitiesand your failures into impulsesthat bring out your best.May your heart be blessedwith soft waves of gratitude and love for the divine couplethat heal you inside and outand awaken your true selffrom the unconscious slumberin which it has dozed since time immemorial.May all your efforts be blessedso that you may reach the land of divine love,conquering the relentless cycleof birth and death in this world.And may your feet be blessedalways to carry you into good association,where all these and many more blessingscan be experienced and nurtured.Yes, may the winds of blessings carry your entire being forwardlike a ship sailing on the ocean of time.And should your ship experience difficultiesthat make your heart tremble,do not worry, there is hope:Call upon the names of the Lordwith deep feelings of yearning.He will rush to your aidand give you the required strength of heart.All the best and lots of spiritual strength,Sacinandana Swami
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  • thanks a ot for sharing such a nice and heart touching peom
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