8830997495?profile=RESIZE_584xI would devote the day in my service to guru’s mission with a stride in the park. It was dark and some young men from the neighborhood just completed shooting basketball. I was on a bench fingering on my meditation beads and, as they walked by, they very respectfully nodded or made remarks such as, “Hi!” Or “Good night!” I was impressed. Decent people do exist.

In one conversation with a member of our community he expressed that people are having it tough, even amongst the devotional types, being so constrained in movement; restricted in activity. Aindra is from Oakville and he and I came up with a list of things people can do even amidst Covid concerns. While honoring distancing and masking where applicable we suggest:

1) Walking in a safe area

2) Birding (explore the world of birds as spring is the best time)

3) Get a pet (and take good care of it)

4) Observe and study your trees

5) Call a friend and make it a supportive talk

6) Be active and clean in and around the house

7) Plan a picnic (by water if possible)

8) Overall: Keep busy

9) etc.

Some devotees are hearing are delivering classes on Zoom. Some remark that it is sometimes an overkill. My response is to balance your bhakti with nature, people and practical responsibilities. Sit in the sunshine (which I also did today) and see it as Krishna.

Personally, I am missing my travels abroad but I try to buckle down with local obligations. I was sent a photo from our youth group in Mauritius when we staged our drama, “Gods and Demons.” it was so enjoyable, so bonding. The parents were so supportive. We performed two years ago.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2021/04/wednesday-april-13-2021.html

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