These Days by Bhaktimarga Swami

These days the routine is sleeping, waking, chanting, eating, class-giving, counseling, encouraging, zooming and walking.  What I consider amongst all of the above activities which stands out is the walking.  I say that because it is outdoor experience that makes it unique.

Of course it was a special and precious one hour of being on the phone with Cameron from Hamilton.  We took that time to discuss the intro of the Bhagavad-gita.  That was also a breath of fresh air.  However, it is that air out there that gives off all the prana, life-force, that is so rejuvenating.

That was the good advice that our guru, Prabhupada, took up when in New York on the Memorial Day weekend.  This Jewish doctor recommended to go for a walk.  He even suggested, “He’s praying too much.”

Prabhupada took up the advice as good and began his daily walk wherever he traveled to.  When in Toronto he walked on the board-walk along the lake.  We also took him to Taylor Creek Park which has a creek flowing into the Don River.

These are sacred places that I sometimes venture off to.
I also do walk being under his inspiration.  It’s an obligation.  It’s a duty.  When we are doing something that is dutiful the best comes out of the individual.  When you are dutiful then you are beautiful.  That’s what we like about our guru.
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