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7163380279?profile=RESIZE_400xWe managed to sustain an evening mini-concert on our temple’s entrance steps. Three extra people joined us — Georgia from Mexico (her first time here) and two guys, both with the name, Victor.  The sarod and djembe were captivating.

For today, rather tonight, we set out walking in the Casa Loma area, entering a lush ravine, residential area and then the famous castle itself. It was definitely a leisurely walk, which included a peek at the castle’s old stables and examining flora and fauna.  As the night set in, certain creatures came out – skunks, raccoons, fox, and bunnies. People too.

Two young women asked about us. They saw my orange. “Our theme today is fertility,” said one of the women. “My backyard suddenly sprouted all these mushrooms and I was told it means the soil is fertile. Then we have been seeing all these rabbits, which also represent fertility.”

We found that interesting.

“What is your theme?” Asked the same woman, a question directed more to me.

“Community — belonging,” I said.  That met with some kind of approval. After all, the three from our group (one of the Victor’s had to dash off on his motorcycle) were truly relishing our discoveries while seeing signs of optimism. Good omens.

Whenever you meet anyone these days the Covid-19 topic comes up. It’s devouring us as a theme. If so, see the good in that as well. Do not slump into darkness.

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