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The Standing Krishna For The Sleeping Us by Achyut Gopal Das

"Krishna's love for us is far greater than our love for Him."

Ever wondered why Lord Krishna's deity in most temples are in a standing position? Because, the Lord feels that if my devotee calls for me in his moment of distress, I should be ready and not have to waste getting up. Mind you, the deity of the Lord is not a mere replica of the Lord but the Lord Himself. Can you imagine this - the Lord is personally standing on His legs for such a long time eagerly waiting for all of us. For us to stand for even sometime feels painful. But the Lord is ready to tolerate any inconvenience for the convenience of His devotees, tolerate any distress to help mitigate distress of His devotees. This is the loving mood of the Lord. He is more eager to give Himself to us than we are to give ourselves to Him.
Just this simple aspect of the deity of the Lord standing has such deep meaning and significance in our life if we can see it in the right perspective. Everything the Lord does, even the simplest of simple things has deep import and is filled with a deep sense of compassion and love for all of us - His lost children. Now, it's up to us to wake up from our sleep of ignorance and reciprocate with the love of the Lord by running towards Him and not keep Him waiting too long.

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