The Six Loving Exchanges

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness has been established to facilitate these six kinds of lovin exchanges between devotees.

1. Offering gifts in charity
2. Accepting charitable gifts
3. Revealing one’s mind in confidence
4. Inquiring confidentially
5. Accepting prasada
6. Offering prasada


These kinds of exchanges also apply in ordinary social activities. Srila Prabhupada gives the example of a businessman who wishes to make a deal with another businessman. He arranges a dinner in a restaurant, and over the feast openly expresses what he wishes to do. He then inquires from his business friend how he should act, and sometimes presents are exchanged.
What kinds of gifts can devotees give to each other?
What subjects would devotees reveal and inquire about in confidence?
What are some important considerations that you must pay attention to when a confidential discussion is required?

The life of the Krishna conscious society is nourished by these six types of loving exchange among the members; therefore people must be given the chance to associate with the devotees of ISKCON because by simply reciprocating in the six ways mentioned above, an ordinary man can fully revive his dormant Krishna consciousness.


(Nectar of Instruction 4, purport)


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