I get so much joy from being with the group of Ukrainian/Russian bhakti yogis. Today was about a year ago when Igor opened up his backyard to a host of us for the regular “devotee thing” — chanting, philosophizing, dancing, eating blessed food, etc. This group shows a lot of love and they were most enthusiastic to listen to the topic of “The Ills of Gossip.” It’s subject that resonates with most people. The consensus of people in general is that rumor mongering is one of the worst practices.

What is really terrific about Igor’s backyard is the decent size to accommodate a good number of people. The grass is soft. However, the main highlight is his extraordinary apple trees. These trees stand low, perhaps 8 feet in height but they are yielding monster size fruit. They are a honey crest brand and they are delicious.

Our second visit for the day was Gage Park in Hamilton, another dream space of great grass and fine diverse trees. This is where the annual “Festival of Friends” takes place. People here were also receptive to the sound of the supreme spirit. We had eavesdroppers and they stayed on, getting connected. Mahadeva and Annapurna offered their sweet melodies. Charlotte is also exceptional at leading some of the chanting. Then Billy does this phenomenal job with his own blend of singing.

The rain came and it blessed us as much as it did the park’s green plants. There was a magic about the afternoon. Hamilton has always been a place that’s receptive to the sound of the spirit.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2021/09/sunday-april-12-2021.html

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