“Shut the door, the mosquitoes are getting in!” That’s a common remark coming from anyone of us who have a room in the Gada building and are trying to keep it bug-free when someone comes to visit. No one is trying to be mean here, just realistic. Have some courtesy and keep the pests out.

The pesky little ones known all over the world are making their mark in the holy dham. It happens every year at this time. It’s a given as soon as the western pilgrims show up. It seems like there is rich blood coming to town.

Mosquitoes do offer an incredible service in the form of reminding us all that the material world is not a place where you should get comfortable. We are meant to work our way out of this world. Sastra, scripture, tells us the same thing all the time. One of our greatest references is the Gita itself. There is misery and whenever we find joy, it becomes so short lived. ‘Dukha’ means ‘misery’.

In Mayapura the current weather is very pleasant and to make the point about relaxation, it soon will heat up and then the little critters come en masse all the more. I know they are spirit souls, sparks of life, and are creatures of value. They do play a role in the greater scheme of things.

Bats, of which there are seven hundred species in India, are natural predators to mosquitoes, of which there are three prominent types, I’m told. Our focus, however, should have little to do with flying creatures, rather, true contemplation lies with Radha Madhva (Krishna, his consort, and helpers). This rises to be the dominant form of dhyana yoga within the context of Mayapura.

Source: https://www.thewalkingmonk.net/post/the-real-point-of-concentration

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