The pure-bhakti of Gopis !!!

Hare krsna

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Gopis bhakti to Bhagavan Sri Krishna , is a role model to VaishnavasThese ladies surrendered totally to Bhagavan . They even abandoned their husbands and children to reach Bhagavan.  This is *Sharanagathi* .

Devi Parvathy asked husband Lord Shiva, "Was it appropriate for Sri Krishna to dance with those Gopis , since they are wives of some others".

Lord Shiva replied with a smile, "Is it inappropriate to touch one's own body? . Sri Krishna is the in-dwelling *Paramathman* ( Supreme Soul) of each Body Because of their pure bhakti, Bhagavan blessed these Bhaktas to attain God-realization . Rasa-lila dance is nothing but God-realization".

*Param-purusha* ( Supreme Man) is Bhagavan Sri Krishna . When we are able to realize Him, it leads to eternal bliss . No more worldly sufferings like birth and death for such a Devotee .

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