The Pretty and the Painful by Bhaktimarga Swami

9835966487?profile=RESIZE_400xEvery trail is unique. Every rock is distinct. Every cloud in the sky is different. Every tree has its own character. And today, I am viewing a waterfall which stands out from any other.

The water from the Sydenham River flows as cascades at Inglis Falls, a lovely drop of rushing H2O. It is one of four waterfalls in the Owen Sound district. Its gorgeousness was the reason for a second stroll for Mahadeva, Anna Purna, and I, but here we were accompanied by local friends who are all nature lovers. That is the very reason I’m here; to get encouraged by people and nature – and to some degree to encourage.

Who would not be inspired by a rush of water playing on rocks and making the most soothing music you could find around? The hiss of the moving water is just a reminder of our place in the world. We are small. Everything else is huge.

Anyway, pleasant times. You have to make some room for them. Last evening we had a meaningful look at 2.20 from the Gita. This morning the same method was applied at the same place, the Hanna family, where we reflected on a verse from Canto One of the Bhagavatam. In this passage, the great Vidura is speaking about the suffering that nature inflicts. How true! Nature presents two sides – the pretty and the painful.


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