I heard a wonderful talk in which Srila Prabhupada—and Srimad-Bhagavatam—glorified the chanting of the holy names. I was present when Srila Prabhupada gave the talk at the Ardha-kumbha-mela in Allahabad on January 31, 1971.

Srila Prabhupada said, “The conclusion is:

na vai sa narakam yati
neksito yama-kinkaraih
yady apy amangalo martyo
visnu-loke mahiyate
       [SB 6.2.48] [‘Because this very confidential historical narration has the potency to vanquish all sinful reactions, one who hears or describes it with faith and devotion is no longer doomed to hellish life, regardless of his having a material body and regardless of how sinful he may have been. Indeed, the Yamadutas, who carry out the orders of Yamaraja, do not approach him even to see him. After giving up his body, he returns home, back to Godhead, where he is very respectfully received and worshiped.’] One who is engaged in chanting the holy name—for him this is the special facility. What is that? It is guaranteed that he’ll never go to the hellish condition of life. That is guaranteed. He will not be degraded to the lowest stages of life, animal life or a life of ignorance in a lowborn of human life, but he will gradually make progress. And it is also guaranteed that the Yamadutas, the servants of Yamaraja, will never come to see him, or he will never see them. They will be out of sight. This is the result. And yajnati ananyalo mattah: although this material existence is always inauspicious, a person engaged in chanting the holy names always lives in the Vishnu-loka. He’s not in this material world. If you chant without offense, yatra ananyalo mad-bhakta tatra tisthami, immediately you create a Vaikuntha-loka, because Krishna comes.”

Here Srila Prabhupada was referring to a verse in the Padma Purana:

naham tisthami vaikunthe
yoginam hrdayesu va
yatra gayanti mad-bhaktah
tatra tisthami narada

“My dear Narada, I do not dwell in Vaikuntha or in the hearts of the yogis; I remain wherever My devotees sing My glories.”

“When Krishna comes, Vishnu comes,” Prabhupada continued. “Wherever Krishna goes, that is Vaikuntha. . . . There is no difference between the holy name and Krishna. And Krishna says, ‘I live there where My pure devotees are chanting.’ So, when Krishna comes, when Krishna is on your tongue, how you can live in this material world? It is already Vaikuntha, provided your chanting is offenseless.

“In the beginning it may not be offenseless; still, the chanting has got so much power. Krsna-karsini. There are several qualifications of devotional service; one of them is krsna-karsini: attracting Krishna. Krishna attracts everyone, but devotional service attracts Krishna.

mriyamano harer nama
grnan putropacaritam
ajamilo ’py agad dhama
kim uta sraddhaya grnan
      [SB 6.2.49] [‘While suffering at the time of death, Ajamila chanted the holy name of the Lord, and although the chanting was directed toward his son, he nevertheless returned home, back to Godhead. Therefore if one faithfully and inoffensively chants the holy name of the Lord, where is the doubt that he will return to Godhead?’] This is the last conclusion, that Ajamila actually did not mean to chant the holy name of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but some way or other his son’s name was Narayana, and he called his son. The name is so powerful that even without aiming or intending to address the Supreme Personality of Godhead, because the name was there, therefore ajamilo ’py agad dhamam: he was promoted to the spiritual kingdom. Kim uta sraddhaya grnan: then what to speak of such persons who are actually trying to chant the holy name without any offense.

“Ajamila never meant to chant the name of Narayana actually, but he was calling his son, whose name was Narayana. That means it was almost neglectfully done. So, even when neglectfully chanted, the holy name has got so much power, and what to speak of when those who are very faithfully chanting, observing the rules and regulations without any offense—what to speak of them? That is the thing.

“A similar instance is there in the Nrsimha Purana: a boar attacked a mlechchha, a lowborn meat-eater. They hate the hog. They call it haram. Haram means ‘abominable.’ So, one boar attacked him, and while he was dying he called this abominable, ‘haram, haram’; ha rama means ‘O Rama.’ So although he did not mean it, it became ‘O Rama,’ and he was immediately promoted to the spiritual kingdom. So, that is the power of chanting the Hare Krishna mantra.”

Hare Krishna.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=80024

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  • Note Transcendental is not the same as "transcendent", transemdentle simply
    is like. Saying "Diplamatic amenity where as "Transcendent means moving forword-by Gads grace in God's progressive Grace such as a passenger in a vehicle, as a passenger you are "incognito to the tirection or the speed at which direction you are traveling as in you are noT the doer or controller. i.e. in chanting as with all YOGas you are Only' a (therd party Observer) .Krishna is the driver. You /we are the fuel provider The Holy name of Hare is the inspirational impetus. And I might seem anksuss by repeating myself in this regard' but everyone must agree that tjis once in the (4) combined Seasions of time Combined Oppertunitiey to asist the Supreem HeadGod Personallty is tje most rear of all rearafied opportunities? & to spoofing it for any reason brings nothing buy dromma to my mind. I my way of thinking-All should agree that if ever there was a (This is your One Shotb oppertunity,) this is it. Friends this '(atomic montra) is not a toy nore is it to be weppenize to pushed forword to delibretly to influence Or provoke any random influence within the Myas. Gurudave HDG SPP) had a spacific purpus for the way He did things but we are Not HDG)-(SPP) we are Hi's prodagie'si.e. Students who are making our "Dabeute" with-in Tje GodHead community therefore, it is not our place ore position's to be taking the Wheel at this point now is tje time for us to be diminstrating our passive NonViolent most moddest efforts to be supporting Rajda & Krishna's Sainkiertonnah Movement with as little personal-artafishel. Imposition upon the environment as possable created by our personal presence. (A-Karma) people is our aim or shouldBe. Please be pashunt be happy and please just chant properly. Krishna's Sovernty and dominions are naturaly inherent in this chanting of Hi's holy names. You don't need to be a distraction. We don't need to creat anything but the pure & plesent molodeus Sounds created. By there ressatations. A waite pashuntly on the Lord God to diminstrate Hi's ability to produce- perfect arrangements in our lives by Hi's grace. Our's is Simply to serve andinspier Hi'm to do so by faithfully Selflisly calling out the Perfect' sound "as it is of Hi's ever-insperrational and most Holy of all names. (This in my opinion) is the only shortComming I see and detect in (All Of Theis (ISKCON) MISSION AND PROJECT). And as one, who is/was truly disenchanted with All* of this Materral creation'(s) as is the common nature of all those actually sincerely feed up with the results of their independent efforts with this mind & all mundaine Dogmas. (PP) said it 1st. People don't become Bhaktie's out of a love for this world i.e. for the sake of philanthropy We becomdevoted because we are Old Souls) who have already tryed "Every Which Way" to acomplish our own Souls salvation by every & any other means And having faild utterly. At last & in the end we become sincear. Enoughf about submission to be accepted by The Head God & them by the exclusive instructions of the Guru's & God accepting us within their hearts we get our shoti.e. This is our Shot & most likly our 1 & only shot at effectively diminstrating the true depth of our senceraty of devotion
    And willingness to addapt & devote some of our time & mind to the eternal pratice of fulfilling the our own eternal daily* need of performing the recinsiling redeming & Self-inlighting duty of "DARMA" Daily. This is my understanding! So as sweet as this mantra is now have & keep the faith that you/we don't need to see the fruits of our labor of chanting, kust as we don't need to see the face of God in persin to undersyand That Krishna & Only Krishna Is The Head God. Just pronounce their names correctly plz. Don't take any liberties with them Zero nune notAh not one. God will be most pleased you will become wise & everyOne will be made Happy. So pmease just plant the seeds of your fully realized destiny right hear right now or whear ever you pure truth leeds as Yhe HeadGod is God in every stratosphere. So please always just chant properly! Tjamk you & have an opulent existence like God in every way! Dasa das Shaktimanah tjank you.
  • So whitch type of chanter will you will you become a chanter of The names of the Mastor Guru if all the Three Worlds RAMA. Or a chanter of "0"ram & left hoping aganst hope aganst hope that somehow or other, you receive Haray's Matchliss Gift of Love because like the Chrisyions & Muslims you have inclinations that there is an un-imbodyed un-approachable invisable God out there somewhere.
    While we are not limited to the worship of a pituer'less frame nor a poor fund of knowledge nor attachments to self grandizing delusions of our true eternal subordinate constitutional positions within the hierarchy of the Creations.
    This (OG) would advise thee U-2 plz.
    Chant Properly! As Ultimately'
    Y/ou'r successful compleetion of Srela PP's mission is relient & dependent upon the proper exacution of this- one thing, Ur proper pronunciation of ane(2) syllable word Ha'ray.
    PrahNahms prahbues PrahNahms.
    "Strive to become perfect, as all things in God's heavens are Perfect" (JC) in the Bible.said
  • Pa'shod'um
    Give me hope
    For those who out of addalesent-like infatuation follow So closely The Guru,
    that they mimic Hi's Chanting to the extemt of ADDING* Yje (D)-Sound within the Holy Danscrept nome of The *Most Sacred, GoddessHead HARE" & continually insist on pronouncing. HARE AS HA'DI. When in accualy (No' /Zero-decveiknce) in the enunciation of any Sanscrept words is alliwed, im fact! So perhaps,?- by Some Fluke of Provadence they too, will somehow or other' Stumble into the the eternal goul "Regardless? I don't know nor will I eber find out because as for mySelf I will bechanting as Properly as I possably am able the 2 Syllables of the female- Icon of Ishcon and incarnation of the HeadGod Krishna Govinda. As I personally' beleave, wholeheartedly in the full purpus & meaning of the Eternally redeeming affect and intintion of the most* (Puraphyed) "as as possable reppatishion
    of this MAHha Mantra"
    After which The Iskcon Movement is founded.
    For the 'Strect Disaplend' my mortal Son is named Christopher is it offenceless if I call Him Cris'na or Krishna Christo? You deside for yourselves. However, for my part, I am recalling 'in part, the Words of the Supreem (G)-guru when He said " it is better to work within onecs own personal capasatys and perform them however- imperfectly than to follow to-closely imitating others even perfectly, as to follow to closly the actions of other's is a path frought with many uncertenties & is very dangerus." AhddiParush" in the BahwatGita.
    Therefore, with all respect PRAHNAM # Prahnams twords all Ha're Krishn bhakties learning & praticing their Vishnava Darma in the temles of Vishnu, I do declare' Pure Love Of/for The HeadGods will most likely, most quickly, be experenced by Purly Chanting Hari Krishna & Ramab with out any forren accsent or pronunciation. After all, tho it may-be, that the the most holy name of all and 1st. Name represented in the title (Hare Krishna ISKCON) movement, The most holy of all beings-Hare) may also be "TRANSCENDENTAL In it's karmic effects i.e. Ultimitly, it was intended to give us a PURE TAST/experience Of the "Atomic" Devine nature of THE HeadGODs/thus, souly as inda individuals we all must cognashently deside whether or not we will strive to achieve full, the expereince of Unconditional Love of The HeadGiod's & for Them. This Matchliss Gift is perfect as it is' & it was Binnadicted /given perfectly as it is for the Soul reasion of awakining our sleeply mundain Souls. Chant it properly & receive the ability to inhearet the binnafit of performing the greatest of all "Karmic works i.e. Gennerosaty" said Sri Krishna Dwape veahna veyahs"Gennerosaty is the greatest ŷmost fruitful of all sacrafices" however, it is only karma free/ a gesture of generosity when it is presented PURELY. HENCE HARE HARI, Pronounced (HA'RAY)
    After how can one offer to others what they themselves have not yet experienced- i.e. The Pureist Tast possable' of the essticly generous* energies & Intellagence of the Head & Ultimit Gurus (The GodHeads themselves?) I'm thinking that One can not OFFER what one does not poses, & further still We we're given this (one chance in all the four Uga's)to deliver our own individual minds from materral delusions & distractions & for the chance to teach & preach to other's about this rearafide opportunity for the deliverance'/i.e. to inspire the awakining of 100 generations of our personal kith & kinsman. So please Deside as eternal individuals, as that is what we are to not become an infatuated sintamentalist, deside ti become what you were eternally ment to become & be Please Chant Properly. Shaktimanah dassa servent of the purest & Highest Truth. The Hare Namah dasa mission 10,000 year's to go! All glory all victory to all Krishna Darma Bhakties & to akl Vishnu Ashrama's i.e. The Temples in which we dwell & from wher we emerge to preach about this Supermost & Supreem path of purification enlightenment freedom, wisdim and personal integraty and (deliverance for all) the willing & unwilling the witty & un-unwittingly. All glory to Sri Sri Chatonyah Nityahnonda & PrahbuPadda & all Hi's assimbaled devoties. KiJi.
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