It is wrap up time for my visit to B.C., and I am receiving all kinds of gifts (such as a watch) that I'm not worthy of, a pack up lunch for the plane, hugs and goodbyes of all sorts and kinds. Satyabhama has been so sweet with daily unch during my stay here, and her son, Arjuna, in his teens, offers comic relief. Vishnu Priya pops by for gifts too, and Makunda Madhava, who offered me teabags of valerian for my insomnia, stood there to hear my testimony on how this substance worked for me for two nights in a row. Manu and Janaki Jivan, the major management team here, offered some cash (much appreciated), a bakshish to assist any traveller who has put in some service. That donation is a part of a cultural service. Expenses are there, even for air travel. Budget airlines charge for the carry on.

The flight back east I spent reading from Chasing Rhinos with the Swami. I have to say, I love this book and I have to read it in modest gulps. The author, Shyamasundar, is so detailed in his delivery that swallowing the material is a challenge at times.

After four hours of flying we land and three hours appear to be lost by the time zone change. Nanda picked me up, and with some time to kill at a 10 to 11 p.m. slot, I get a chance to catch up on news from within (our community) and without (the outside world of politics). Some of this is good and some not. Such is life. Before tucking myself in, my heart is filled with a gratitude for the people that keep me afloat. Thank you!

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