The Original Idea of Diwali by Giriraj Swami

8162145699?profile=RESIZE_400xIn a letter dated October 10, 1968, Srila Prabhupada wrote,

“Diwali ceremony can be observed in the temple by illuminating hundreds of candles in different parts of the temple and offering special prasada to the Deity. This ceremony was observed by the inhabitants of Ayodhya, the kingdom of Lord Ramachandra. While Lord Ramachandra was out of His kingdom due to His fourteen years’ banishment by the order of His father, His younger stepbrother, Bharata, took charge of the kingdom, and the day on which Lord Ramachandra took back the charge from His brother and was seated on the throne is observed as the Diwali function. This is the original idea of Diwali. Dipawali means the same thing. Dipa means candles, or lamps, and wali means numerous. When numerous candles are lighted it is called Diwali. In India, this Diwali function is celebrated in a special auspicious occasion.”

May Lord Rama—Lord Krishna—sit on the throne of our hearts.


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