The Origin of MANtra by Bhaktimarga Swami

8213999654?profile=RESIZE_400xIt was somewhere near Oakland in California

Where people drive everything from a Harley to a Porsche

Anuttama and I were ambling on our humble feet

As traffic whizzed by like a roaring missile fleet

We got to talking about an absolute need

We had this idea that manifest like a seed

A retreat for conscious men who will open up

Get drunk on nectar brimming to the top of the cup

The bonding, we thought, would be most valuable

A feeling that would rub most palpable

There was a very good reason to have such a meeting

We delighted in the thought of talks, sports and eating

So we assembled together, our first in 2018

The venue was in the gorgeous Appalachian green

It was exciting, it was fresh, it was new

We felt the presence of the Supreme Male who’s blue

A time when we took a break from Maya’s sting

The entire retreat was very highly stimulating

We got to grow, glow and learn to be better men

Sensitive, protective like a rooster to the hen

A Krishna Conscious man can feel a true sense of worth

He can make a positive change to impact the earth

The incentive—to please His Divine Grace, Prabhupada

The people, the planet and most of all, God


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