The New Govardhana goshalla team is expanding!

The New Govardhana goshalla team is expanding! 
Karunamayi dasi: Over recent years the team has been stretching itself, but with new enthusiastic devotees gaining interest and taking on different services within the program, it is certainly an exciting time for cow seva.

Recently we have welcomed two devotees to the team: Bhakta Tom and Mandali-Kishori dasi. Tom moved onto the farm as a volunteer in Krishna Village and shortly after took up devotional life and moved into Krishna Pad.

Tom found his calling in the bullock training area. Guided by Krishna Kirtana dasa, he is now proficient in handling and training the bullocks. He also decided to try out other areas of the program and can be found most mornings milking the cows. Tom milked the cows twice a day every day during the Christmas period when all other cow herders were engaged in prasadam distribution at Woodford.

Mandali-Kishori just moved into the bramacharini ashrama from New Zealand, having recently completed her university studies. In previous visits to the farm Mandali-Kishori had been very attracted to the cows and so was invited back to join the team, which she accepted eagerly. She now serves in all three areas of the Cow Protection program: milking, training the bullocks and caring for the retired cows, along with maintenance jobs.

We are also happy to have a Saturday/holiday helper. Young Annabella from the gurukula comes to the goshalla in the mornings or in any other free time she has to feed the cows and give calf Braja a cuddle. We hope to start a weekend kids’ club soon in the new goshalla that Annabella will help us run.

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