It was like the meeting of the brahmins, only some brahminswere not Vedic or even Hindu. Yesterday evening I was on the call with faith leaders of different backgrounds. Our subject was “Our Stronger Together Interfaith Zoom Gathering.” It was the coming together of groups from Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism and it was accomplished by way of zoom. Kevin Moore of the United Church was the convener and we spoke about the pandemic and how to respond to it. In other words, what are the different groups doing about it. I represented the Hindu community particularly for the Regent Park area.
It is encouraging to hear what goes on charity-wise, especially in the area of feeding folks in need. Each leader was actually a presenter keeping to the theme “From Our Hearts to Our Actions.” The allotted time for presentation was from 3-5 minutes. That ended up being a kind of joke being that almost everyone went over time. I guess each and every one takes pride in their services to others. The caring nature of the session was quite uplifting and I’m looking forward to a future venture as well.

Now I’ll let you see in part of my presentation. I expressed the need to not only tell my congregants but to whoever can be inspired to do so, to build up your immunity and strength through walking outdoors. “To combat the little demon, Covid, we require to work on resilience.” I felt passionate about saying and doing so. When you’re strong you can help others.

I did what many people do in our neighbourhood—walk the service road along the railroad tracks.
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