They did not go to the moon. Although I was there in front of the television and we saw it, and it was a big thing. The whole world was together. It overcame everything, the Russians, the Chinese and everyone was part of it. They were all watching and they all were sharing the monitoring of the space shuttle. It was a big thing – a man on the moon Neil Armstrong.

 “It was all a hoax.”

“Well Srila Prabhupada if you say so then it must be true.  And why do you say so Srila Prabhupada?”  

“Simply because in the Bhagavatam it states that the moon is further away from the sun,”

Finished! That settles it. That was the only reason – that was it. That was outrageous – to say that in this world. Prabhupada had full faith in the Bhagavatam.


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  • It may be Rahu planet, which is closer to earth but not yet mentioned in science literatures.

  •  yes  ,.... this and all absolutely true There must be some small sub-planet like moon, so  the Americans on seeing that small planet take that it is in account as MOON

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