The International Kirtan Festival Mumbai

The International Kirtan Festival Mumbai

Friday 15th February

Bhajan Sandya & Adhivaas: 3pm - 8pm

(Dinner Prasad at 8pm)

Saturday 16th February

Kirtan: 8am - 10pm

Opening Ceremony Speech By HH Radhanath Swami at 8am

(Breakfast: 7:00am, Lunch: 1pm, Dinner: 7pm)

Sunday 17th February

Kirtan: 8am - 10pm

(Breakfast: 7:00am, Lunch: 1pm, Dinner: 7pm)

Bhaktivedanta Mission School
Shastri Nagar
Off Link Road
Near Laxmi Industrial Estate
Andheri (W)
400 056
The following sanyassi’s and senior devotees will be participating in the Kirtan Festival:

HH Indraduymna Swami Maharaj
HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj
HH Lokanath Swami Maharaj
Bada Hari Prabhu (USA)
Nitai Prabhu (Canada)
Sri Prahlad Prabhu (Australia)
Madhava Prabhu (Switzerland)
Swarupa Damodar Prabhu
Kamal Gopal Prabhu (Mayapur)
Saci Kumar Prabhu (Mayapur)
Uttam Bhakta Prabhu (USA)
Pavan Harinam Prabhu (Mayapur)
Mathura Jivan Prabhu (Vrindavan)
Deva Dharma Prabhu (Mayapur)
Bhakti Lata Roberto (Florida)
Rupamanjari Mataji (Mumbai)
Acyuta Gopi Mataji (USA)
Chaitanya Prabhu (Bahrain)
Maha Bhagavat Prabhu (Mumbai)
Keshava Prabhu (Mumbai)
Vishvambhar (USA)

Passes Have Been Made Available At:
ISKCON Juhu Guest Reception & Govindas Restaurant Chowpatty

Dear Devotees and friends of Lord Krishna.

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Shrila Prabhupada.

I am delighted to present to you The International Kirtan Festival Mumbai, a meeting place for devotees and relaxing weekend retreat of Kirtan.

We wanted to provide inspiration, association and spiritual nourishment, through Kirtan, for the devotees here in Mumbai. This was very much appreciated by all the devotees and especially those devotees who couldn’t afford the ticket prices to attend other Kirtan events that take place globally.

This a sangam that is available for devotees who wanted to absorb themselves in the Holy Names. Last Year during Pandava Nirjal Ekadasi each Kirtaneer brought their own distinct flavor, with everything from Aindra-infused melodies, sweet lullabies, and raaga-inspired tunes to heart-pounding, thunderous kirtans flooding the atmosphere.

With ecstatic kirtans from a multitude of international senior vaishnavas, delicious prasadam and vaishnava association, it is the highlight of many devotees’ year.

As attending devotees are requested to make an entry donation to make easier the cost of the facilities, organization, prasad, sound systems, travel fare for sannyasi’s, VIP Kirtaneers, etc; each attendee receives an entry pass that allows them access the Festival, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner prasad.

The Kirtan Festival is set up in such a way as to completely absorb attendees in chanting Krishna’s glories. We are extremely grateful to all the devotees who are wholeheartedly participating and volunteering for the benefit of the community.

We would like to express our gratitude to HG Braja Hari Prabhu, temple president ISKCON Juhu, for his outstanding service over the years and for providing the best possible Venue for this event.

Thanking You
Yours in the service of Lord Krishna
Premkirtan Das
Festival Coordinator

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  • hare Krsna, I am from Pune and need to know how to get the passes?

    Also how much do they cost?

  • This festival is also organized in Gujarat (Bharuch) On 30/01/2013 at  7:00PM to 10:00pm With Kirtan, Magic Show,Classical dance, Puppet Show (Krishna Lila),By HH Indraduymna Swami Maharaj & his Bhakt vrind

    Wth DINNER Prasadam SO,Please well-Come for this Event .If u Interested Please Call to me on 9824955908. 

  • Superb Hari Bol!!!!!!!!

  • Excellent idea....!!  Kirtan Festival !!  i love iskcon ,,event organizer!! Hare Krishna..!

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